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    Doxa on "The Shopping Bags"

    I used to watch a show when I was living in Saint John's Newfoundland called "The Shopping Bags". In it a couple of women try out different consumer things like toasters etc and compare brands. I think the show is Canadian, but I'm not sure.

    I just got an email from one of the lassies I worked with and she said that they tested a couple of dive watches recently and a Doxa SUB was one of them..... She sent me the following link. Doxa is mentioned in the test section.

    No pics unfortunately and no video and definitely not the acid test for dive watches but pretty cool none the less


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    Re: Doxa on "The Shopping Bags"

    Funny I watch that show from time to time. I wouldn't call that a really even comparison.

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    Re: Doxa on "The Shopping Bags"

    My wife watches this show all the time, it is a pretty good show. The hosts are quite entertaining. I can't tell you how shocked I would have been to see a Doxa on the show... I would have fallen off the couch! Not exactly the venue that I would expect to see a Doxa on TV.

    Thanks for the link.

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    Re: Doxa on "The Shopping Bags"

    Doc, when I first read the thread title....I thought you were going to be taking about this...

    Then I read a little further down. I love this line....

    "One tester liked the clear display and easy-on-easy-off metal strap of the Doxa; but a little rich for the rest of our tastes."(emphasis mine)

    Too rich for their tastes huh? If they only knew what many of us have spent on watches through the years.
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