Which Doxa should I get?
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Thread: Which Doxa should I get?

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    Which Doxa should I get?

    Hoping to get a bit of help from you all. Im trying to decide between a Doxa 1200T Pro or a Doxa 300 Searambler. I understand they are different styles but in regards to quality, future value and just overall which do you prefer? I have reasons to like them both but wanted a bit of help to make the decision easier. Thanks

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    Re: Which Doxa should I get?

    Quote Originally Posted by Drrobfz305 View Post
    Hoping to get a bit of help from you all. Im trying to decide between a Doxa 1200T Pro or a Doxa 300 Searambler. I understand they are different styles but in regards to quality, future value and just overall which do you prefer? I have reasons to like them both but wanted a bit of help to make the decision easier. Thanks

    I only own a Doxa 300 Searambler, so I can't speak for the 1200T Pro but I'm sure you can't go wrong with either.
    This page is worth having a look at:DOXA REVIEWS

    This is a fun read too:

    Lastly one specifically on the Sub 300 Searambler:
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    I have the 1200T Pro and love it, I wouldn't think about future value unless your intention is to sell it on at a later date and even then I dont think there would be much of a difference unless maybe you looked for one of the more limited "lung" versions of the Sub 300 (not sure if there are any available new though!)
    I think it's just down to personal choice and you should get what YOU like best..
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    Re: Which Doxa should I get?

    There are some differences in design, but quality & value should be about the same. My guess is the 1200 has more universal appeal since it’s the one with the more mainstream design (larger dial and sapphire crystal).
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    Re: Which Doxa should I get?

    Case size is about the same, but the 300 sits lower due to a flatter case back. The 1200 has a more bulbous, rounded case back, like a saucer, which lifts the watch off the wrist.

    The 300 has a higher grade 2824 movement, which is COSC.

    The 300's dial is smaller, about the size of a US Quarter. The box-shaped crystal can have a distortion effect on the edges, which some say they do not like, while others say it is a non-issue.

    If you are in the US, take a quarter and put that next to other watches you own, just to get an idea.

    I don't have a Searambler, but Doxa's silver dial is said to be excellent. I would own one if they still made one in the 1200 model.

    The silver dial can have more flexibility in where it is worn. It's close enough to white, which many say is more "formal" than even black. Since Doxa does not make a Searambler 1200, I re-purchases a Damasko DA47, which is a white dial. It is very versatile: a black horween leather strap can be worn in any formal occasion; a distressed tan makes this a great casual watch.

    Orange can be more limiting. But there are people who wear orange just about anywhere. Some say it can be a great conversation starter.

    Although others make orange dial watches, and not sure if they were the first orange dial diver, but IMHO Doxa owns that color. It's uniquely theirs.

    Net-net, I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
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    You all are great Thank u for taking the time. I decided on the Doxa 300 Searambler. Love the history attached to the watch and hard to pass up on the searambler dial. Im sure i will buy another in the future. I do agree that if the 1200 was still available in a searambler I may have chosen that one. Thank you all again.

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    Re: Which Doxa should I get?

    I think you made the right choice. The 300 is the classic Doxa "look," and closely matches the vintage ones. I love mine (I have a Searambler 300, and a Pro "lung" version). I also have other Doxas, but these are definitely favorites.
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    Thnx, yea felt right to go with the Doxa 300. I have been reading some of the articles that were posted on this thread. Very nice read on the history of Doxa. If any of you have some more articles about Doxa please let me know. 🤙🏼
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    You won't regret it! I have a photo album in my phone of different ways my watches can be worn, i own the 300 searambler, it's beautiful! I'm a big fan of watches that have some degree of vintage appearance and doxa got this one spot on

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    Re: Which Doxa should I get?

    I don't think Doxa and "future value" really go hand in hand. Other than certain Pateks or Rolex its a crap shoot so buy what you love! I think the vintage vibes of the 50th anniversary and Black Lung models win our over the 1200 variant but it really depends what you want it for. I really like vintage styled watches in the vein of when they were actually needed for what they pretend to be nowadays and the Doxa re-editions really knocked that out of the park.

    Also, the 300 were COSC ETA calibers and the 1200T are "High Grade" (which I would assume to be Top Grade ETA but the site does say "based upon the ETA 2824-2" so it may be a derivative Sellita or something) and is a below COSC ETA in terms of positional adjustment and (potentially) some movement upgrades. The Top and Chronometre calibers both use Incabloc shock protection, a Glucydur balance wheel with an Anchron alloy hairspring, a Nivaflex NM mainspring, a Nivarox pallet lever and escape wheel, and ruby pallet jewels. So if you get a COSC ETA it will likely be a marginally more reliable movement.

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