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    Doxa Synchron Conquistador

    Has anyone heard of a non sub very odd looking almost square Doxa Synchron Conquistador. I've been offered one for 100 pounds sterling...and wondered 1) if they were very rare or not 2) if they were a real watch or if its a fake...I know they did a Doxa Sub Conquistador...but this most certainly is'nt one of those.
    Ohh PS
    How hard would it be to sourse a 300T searambler bezel...I'm thinking pretty hard!...rough prices though would be handy.

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    Re: Doxa Synchron Conquistador

    Saw 3 NOS rectangular cased "Conquistador"s go by on the 'bay several months ago. Looked authentic (..if not terribly attractive).

    Your seller is asking roughly double what the NOS models knocked down at auction IIRC.

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    Re: Doxa Synchron Conquistador

    Doxa sold a men's dress watch in the '60s with the name Conquistador, I've seen several on the 'bay over the years. They usually seem to sell for 100-200 USD, depending on condition and how badly someone wants one at the time of the auction. It has nothing in common with the dive model except the name.....

    As for the 300T Searambler bezel, it can be hard to nearly impossible to get one, especially the correct one for whatever model you have (or may have). Do a search here on the forum, there have been some detailed discussions about the different bezels for the vintage Subs and the difficulty of getting the one that's needed.


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    Re: Doxa Synchron Conquistador

    I purchased a ladies Conquistador for my wife off e-bay a few months ago. The seller was from Israel. The watch was NOS, but needed a service. It now keeps perfect time! The dial on it is a beautiful silver with an almost sunburst finish like the new searamblers. I paid $84 for the watch and I know the same seller sold one a few months prior to my purchase for around $45.
    I also saw the Cyma Conquistador version for sale from same seller. Cyma was one of the three companies that Synchron owned at that time. Hence the 3 marks that make up the Synchron logo. Doxa, Cyma, and Borel I think.
    Do an advanced e-bay search for completed listings and type in item #230120524183

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