DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll! - Taking a break! Thread will re-open

View Poll Results: The Next Generation DOXA SUB - What should it have?

162. This poll is closed

    108 66.67%

    56 34.57%
  • SUB 1000T Size

    55 33.95%
  • SUB 750T Size

    91 56.17%
  • 5000T Style bracelet

    59 36.42%
  • Beads of Rice Style bracelet

    95 58.64%
  • Ratcheting dive suit extension (as with the SUB 5000T)

    113 69.75%
  • Applied LUME

    82 50.62%
  • Luminous Gas tubes

    77 47.53%
  • ETA 2824-2

    34 20.99%
  • ETA 2892-2 (at higher cost)

    111 68.52%
  • Contemporary modified Case design

    7 4.32%
  • Packaging Tube

    5 3.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.

Thread: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll! - Taking a break! Thread will re-open

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    Smile DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll! - Taking a break! Thread will re-open

    We've gotten some great feedback from you all, thanks!

    We are going to take a break with this thread and place it on "hold" for a bit - don't worry, it's not going away and it will be re-opened shortly! We have another topic coming that we feel confident is going to interest you!


    But let's get more specific:



    SUB5000T - modern with screw lugs
    Ricebeads - "old school"
    Automatic dive suit extension (SUB5000T)

    Applied lume
    Luminous gas vials

    ETA 2824-2
    ETA 2892-2
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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    Material: Steel (love the weight)
    Size: 750T (1000 a bit small for me)
    Bracelet: Beads of Rice with extension
    Lume: Applied lume if it can be done more heavily
    Movement: 2892

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    Steel (but I'm okay with Ti)
    SUB750T size
    Beads of rice (w/screw tubes and automatic dive suit extension)
    Tritium lume
    2892-2 movement

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    For me:

    -750T size, but a little bit thicker maybe 15 - 15.5mm thick
    -Rice-bead bracelet, 22mm at the lugs and tapering to 20mm at the clasp using the ratcheting 5000T-style clasp
    -Applied Lume
    -ETA 2892-2 Movement
    -Bezel that can be user removed and user re-installed for cleaning purposes
    -Deeper engraved numbers on the outer bezel to allow for many more times of refinishing over the years.
    -No HRV

    This would be the ultimate divewatch for me.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    This is my choice:

    MATERIAL: Steel - I like the weight and the substantial feel. Titanium just feels flimsy.

    SIZE: I prefer the larger SUB750T size. Specifically, I like the case of the SUB5000T with the Helium escape valve.

    BRACELET: The traditional "Rice Beads", hands down! It should remain non-tapering since this distributes the weight better on the wrist. You can use the beefy rice bead bracelet of the GMT, but it has to be connected by screws (not spring bars/push pins) and should have the SUB5000T's automatic dive suit extension.

    LUME: If you could make luminous gas vials that would be shaped rectangular/brick-like (NOT cylindrical) so that it would fit perfectly inside the traditional Doxa black indices (raised - like in the SUB5000T) and hands, then that would be awesome. If not, then painted on lume but with raised black metal indices and hands will do. As you noticed, I kept on insisiting that the metal indices and hands be black and NOT polished as with the SUB5000T - resist the bling!


    DIAL: Orange (of course!) with traditional placement of imprinting.

    IN CONCLUSION: I want a "Classic" version of a SUB5000T!

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    Member cestommek's Avatar
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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    I would like a Doxa like the 5000t,but:

    Bracelet:dive extension as with the 5000T and of course"Rice Beads"..old school forever!!
    Lume:rectangular gas vials and the indices same of 5000t,metal polished but the minute

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    I just want Doxa to go one step up on the dive watches world and issue an 5000t with a power reserve indicator. They have one now so might as well use it together with a heavier lume. That's all!!
    The world is my oyster and I like the taste of it!

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    My choice:

    Material: STEEL (Ti is just too light and unsubstantial feeling)
    Size: 750/5000T size (love the thickness of the 5000T)
    Bracelet: Beads of rice (keeps it vintage, but make it thick like the 5000T links) - all brushed too, none of that mixed finish
    Applied lume (always prefer SL over tritium, which glows dimly all the time and reminds me of the "dependability" of quartz...boooring!)
    Movement: 2892-2
    Lots of dive watches.

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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    Less blingy than the 5000T
    NO HRV
    Removable bezel for cleaning
    Deeper engraved numbers
    Beads of rice with screws instead of pin endlinks with ratchet clasp
    Affordable to regular people, ha ha yeah righ
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    Re: DOXA's Next Generation SUB - and a poll!

    Here's my dream watch:

    Material: Titanium

    Size: 750T

    Bracelet: Beads of rice, with screw connectors and the 5000T ratchet mechanism with micro adjust slots

    Lume: Heavy applied lume unless you can do the rectangular tritium

    Movement: 2892-2

    Other: Removable bezel
    Could go either way with the HRV
    Black indices and hands

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