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    DS Buzz?

    I was hoping to see quite a few posts of pics, comments, comparisons, reviews, etc. for the Divingstar by now. I've only seen one post of pics and hardly any comments about the watch. I've seen at least two up for secondary sale and read little else. Are there a lot of people waiting for shipments or is there not much buzz on the 1000T Divingstar?

    I was really hoping for a Caribbean but have been considering the DS, how about some comments and pics from happy owners

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    Re: DS Buzz?

    I know what you mean. I'm ordering one next week. I think the speed with which Doxa has started shipping this issue after the long wait for the first 1000T's has most of us in a state of shock. Plus, it's not a radically different watch than the other 1000T's. My God! Think of it, three days after announcing the Divingstar, people already had watches. That means if I order one on Monday or Tuesday I'll have it on Friday. Also there's no rush on pre-ordering because I'm getting the old customer discount whenever I order. We're definitely getting instant gratification on this one, plus it's a 5000 watch issue. I still can't wait to get my hands on one.

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    Re: DS Buzz?

    I was hoping the DS would be made in the 750T version then I would be all over it. The 44mm sized 750T is perfect and I prefer the flat crystal over the curved 1000T crystal.

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