I own a DOXA mechanical watch and I want to know some information about this model. The watch was bought my grandmother (mother of my father) around 1981 or so as a gift for my father's birthday. My grandma bought the watch from here in Bucharest,Romania from a good shop that had a good name in Bucharest those times.
My father kept this watch in excellent condition. He occasionally wore it because he loved this watch very much and he considered it a very expensive watch and wanted to maintain it in a good condition in order to give me later when I will grow up.
I have the following questions please:

1. What year was this watch manufactured please ? You can also tell me approximately !
2. What is the brand of the mechanical movement for this watch please ?
3. How many jewels this mechanical movement has please ?
4. Did this model belong to a particular collection or range when DOXA company manufactured it ? I refer to the name of the collection where the watch can be found in DOXA catalogue.

On the back there is a four digit serial number: 4303. Maybe it can help you identifying the watch !
There is another inscription on a side of the cardboard cover. Something like "7303 933 PL" I do not know what it means probably a code from the shop it was bought.

I also attached a number of pictures for the DOXA model I am talking about !