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    Everybody loves a nice profile

    I've looked at tons of photos of Doxa cases and how the endlinks fit. Many photos show "flat"
    endlinks, and it seems to me that the links would be curved to parallel the profile of the case they
    mate with. It just looks much more finished and professional ... most other brands are completely
    obsessed with getting that detail right.

    Is this a "feature" of the vintage pieces I'm seeing, where someone has perhaps cobbled together
    a combination that works, but does not really work well? I suspect the newer releases are much

    Let's see your photos showing case/bracelet combinations as-delivered that reveal the fit and

    Here's what I see in vintage Doxa:

    Bad endlink/case fit:

    Nice case/endlinks fit:

    And here's how another brand looks. Check out the parallel profile of the endlinks to the case:

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    Re: Everybody loves a nice profile

    You must understand, those vintage endlinks on the vintage Doxas were not very high quality. Also, the bracelets were very low quality as well. The endlinks were not solid, and were prone to bending/becoming misshapen. The bracelet clasps on the vintage bracelets were very thin and flimsy. This is the reason for the extreme rarity for a vintage bracelet in good condition. (most were broken/lost with much use) The endlinks on my vintages don't fit very tightly, and my 300T USD Logo pro has had VERY little use. It spent most of its younger years in a safe.

    I wouldn't dwell too long on trying to get a perfect fit with a vintage piece. You will get discouraged. You can get it to were it looks good and works well, but a perfect fit is nearly impossible.
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Everybody loves a nice profile

    It seems the pieces from 40-50 years ago (Lord, has it been that long?!) from ALL manufacturers have ridiculously flimsy designs. My vintage watches from any brand I own are all pretty pathetic. A $100 Seiko bracelet from today is built better!

    In the Rolex photo I posted, those vintage endlinks didn't just come that way. I did a LOT of tweaking and curving to get them to fit the cases. I assume the endlinks on Doxas are just as malleable? But I bet they're also harder to find if I mess up and crease one.

    Supplemental question: was there one basic endlink used for, say, the 250 and 300? Or better yet, the 300 and 300T?

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    Re: Everybody loves a nice profile

    Bob you asked me this on email - which i've not got back to you on yet! - so i'll give an answer here for others to see.

    The endlinks vary in thickness, not by much, but a little. Now, i mean how deep the wedge is where it joins the bracelet, not the thickness of the steel. The cases changed over time, with noticeable differences in thickness at the ends of the lugs so i guess this is why there is variation in the endlinks too. Very lucky if you get a vintage bracelet to match the case you have, but they are pretty much interchangeable without looking too far off, talking about a couple mm difference only.

    As to bad fitting, what Jas said is bang on, they are pretty flimsy endpieces, and nowhere near the strength of a Rolex. The ones you have shown as examples just need a tiny bit of tweaking to get them to fit nice and tight - i bend the rear section edges with pliers a bit to get perfect fit - although they will loosen up over time, and will need retweaked again. Of course, you need to exercise serious caution and a delicate touch when doing this, last thing you'd want to do is snap it...

    BTW, the modern 600T endlinks which are readily available from Doxa will NOT work with a vintage band, different dimensions of the holes for the ricebeads. A complete 600T bracelet works fine, slight step where the endlinks sit against the case but still pretty good, and a 750/1000 band will work too if you're brave enough to file down the solid endlinks to fit (21mm >20mm)

    Joys of vintage!

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