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    Cool Father and Son

    All, here are some quick pics of my GMT PRO 329/1000 and my dad's new 5000T 48/5000! They are GREAT watches. Small issue with the racheting clasp for the 5000 but confident Andy @ Doxa can take care of it for us.

    Hope all Doxa-holics are having a great holiday.

    Looking forward to the 5000T Mil Sharkey. If they do a Caribbean, I am in serious trouble
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    The collection:

    Doxa GMT Professional 329/1000
    Omega 1950s Vintage "Bumper"
    Tag Heuer 2000
    Tag Heuer 4000
    Rolex Submariner 18k/stainless "Blue on Blue" (2006)
    Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel, white dial, Z series (2007)
    Rolex Anniversary Milgauss, V series (2008
    IWC Pilot Chrono Auto 3717-01

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    Re: Father and Son

    You both look great in orange! Congrats! And Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Father and Son

    Congrats, and great pictures. I agree, you both do look very good in orange
    Best Regards,

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