A few shots from the All-Star Break

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    Picture A few shots from the All-Star Break

    Enjoy the shots and the rest of the baseball season. surprised there aren't more Orioles fans out there wearing the black and the orange...

    My 750s are performing flawlessly . Thanks DOXA! Have had two total strangers in the past three days ask me about my watch. Still waiting to have my own personal sighting of a "Doxa in the wild." Don't expect it to happen at Fenway, but you never know.....
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    Re: A few shots from the All-Star Break

    I havn't seen another Doxa in the four years that I've had one. The wife and i traveled back to NY by car for a visit with family last summer and from Florida to NY and back no Doxa's. I havn't seen anyone with one in my travels around Florida even though from the Forum I know there's at least half a dozen in the state. I have a feeling that this won't change any time soon unless the 1000Ts really take off. After all at this time there are only about 8000 on the whole planet.

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    Re: A few shots from the All-Star Break

    Great pics Page. The dial/strap combos look perfect!

    The only other Doxas I've ever seen 'live' are T-Bones!


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    Re: A few shots from the All-Star Break

    I've worn my TGraph Sharkhunter to Fenway...

    "What you think, you become"


    my current collection: '68 Tudor Sub-military, '83 Rolex Seadweller 16660 (matte dial), '62 Rolex Zephyr, Doxa Sub 300T Professional Reissue, Doxa Divingstar 750 GMT, Omega Flightmaster c911, Omega Seamaster 300/date, Omega PloProf 1200, Omega PO Chrono c9300, Seiko MarineMaster 300M, ZRC Etanche Grand Fondes reissue, B&R BR-02, Seiko Scubamaster M726, Helson Sharkmaster Destro, MeisterSinger Scrypto

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    Re: A few shots from the All-Star Break

    I saw a 750 Pro at the St Louis airport last year. The TSA Supervisor on shift was wearing one. I complimented him on his taste in watches and flashed him my Sharky T-Graph. We swapped watches and chatted briefly before he had to get back to work and I had to catch my flight. Oh yes, I got my Sharky back.

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