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    Finally did it!

    About 5 weeks ago a buddy of mine had purchased a Doxa 750 Sharkhunter and I had a chance to see it. I have been reading the posts on this forum this then trying to figure out which model would suit me. After reading everyone's posts I decided I was going to get a 5000t Sharkhunter. I really like the way the hands and minute markers look on the black dial and also the extra thickness of the case (I have about a 8.5" wrist). I found one on the Sale Forum about 3 weeks ago and I have never got a chance to post a photo, so here it is.

    BTW, I now understand why these watches are so addicting. I'm already trying to figure how I am going to get the funds for a T-Graph Pro ?!
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    Re: Finally did it!

    Congrats and welcome to the lunacy. I started with 1 Sub and now have 4! I know of a few members who have way more than that!
    Enjoy your Doxa and your upcoming collection which is most certainly imminent.

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    Re: Finally did it!

    Novica1, to the Doxa Forum!

    Ah, the Supershark! Great choice, probably will be mine too when I finally get around to a 5000T also.

    Seems we're neighbors in a manner of speaking, I am in Western Wayne County. Always good to see a fellow Michiganian on one of the boards I frequent .
    Regards, T Bone.

    "A decent man must have a decent watch." Albert Falco

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    Re: Finally did it!

    Congrats on the Sharky. I have owned a 5000T Milshark for half a year now and always thought it didn't wear *that* much larger then the 750T. Then I picked up a 5000T Pro in a trade and notice that it appears larger on the wrist. Turns out the dark PVD finish hides the edges so the watch looks smaller. The 5000T is a nice sized watch and can hang with any of the other big boy divers out there.
    Lots of dive watches.

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