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    Finally made the leap!

    I am new as a member to this forum, but have been following the forum for a while. I have can you say an amateur watch collector/nut, more on the nut side as my wife would put it. I have been debating over different watches over the past few years always changing my mind what I wanted. Should I go Omega...Breitling...oris...Tag...Ball and so forth.

    Finally made the leap! Put my order in yesterday for t-graph searambler. I want to thank all the forum members for all the great pics which sold me on the watch.

    My only concern is the size of the watch in ss. I have a pinner wrist at 6.5 inches. I do tend to wear larger chunky watches in general. My daily wearer right now is a Seiko monster. I have worn and still have one of my larger casio g-shocks.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this point.

    A few other watches in my so called collection
    Jean Perret
    Seiko Monster
    Gruen Precision
    Rado Purple Horse De Luxe

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    Re: Finally made the leap!

    Welcome to the world of Doxa. I think you are in for a real treat when you get this. Others can better answer the size comparison to the Monster. But I can tell you that Doxa's a solid watches, with a great history. They just rock.

    Welcome to the club.
    Florida, USA

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    IWC Aquatimer
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    Stowa Seatime
    Doxa SUB750T Military Sharkhunter PVD
    Zinex Trimix GMT PVD LE Black Pirate
    Ocean 7 LM-2 GMT SE PVD
    Bathys Aquaculture MOP PVD
    Tissot TXL
    Seiko Kinetic Sportura SNL029P1 PVD
    Seiko Chronograph Sports 150
    Citizens Eco-Drive Calibre 8700 BL8000-03A
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    Re: Finally made the leap!

    Don't worry - you really can't go wrong with any Doxa - solid, dependable, and well made - they're keepers!

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