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    First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    According to FedEx tracking, my brand new, first DOXA watch will be arriving sometime tomorrow.

    I didn't learn about DOXA until recently: I had been looking through my old watch magazines from 2005 and I came across DOXA's ad for the Dirk Pitt 600T. The ad included a quote from one of Clive Cussler's novels and photos from the movie "Sahara." I was intrigued by the look of the watch, as well as by the books and the movie (neither of which I had heard of before). The URL given in the ad - - returned a 404, but it did get me to the DOXA website.

    According to the folks at DOXA, the only currently shipping DOXA sub that is the same size and color as the original 300T and 600T is the 1000T project AWARE DOXA sub (the COSC and Pro having both sold out). I considered getting one of the larger models, but I have a small wrist and I prefer the original look of the watch. I also wanted to keep with the orange dial and the stainless steel (non PVD) material.

    I asked if there were going to be any more 1000Ts after this, or if it would be replaced with another 42.7mm watch. I was told that there would be no more watches of this exact size - that it will be replaced with a new watch that is 42.7mm, but that will be thicker than the 1000T and possibly have a helium-release valve.

    So I ordered one of the few remaining AWAREs.


    Hi everyone, to be clear the upcoming Searambler on pre-order is not necessarily a replacement for the 1000T (i.e. only the Searambler version is being talked about right now and the numbers are very limited), but it is very similar of course to the 1000T, save for a thicker bracelet, slightly thicker case and HRV.

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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    I don't like this news at all.

    Dont' get me wrong, I'm happy that you're getting a DOXA tomorrow, but I was hoping that they'd do another run of 1000Ts in the future. I don't like the sound of a thicker replacement as the 1000T was just about the perfect size and shape for me.

    Oh, how the fates have conspired against me!

    Hi there! I think what might not be clear is that every DOXA SUB that we manufacture and put on sale is a limited edition. The SUB 1000T Collection is based on 5000 total pieces, and debuted at Basel World 2007 with the first 1000Ts arriving to customers in July of that year. There are still some 1000Ts left -
    The Project AWARE
    Caribbean - Blue dial - standard and COSC
    Divingstar - Yellow dial - standard and COSC
    Military Professional - VERY FEW LEFT
    Military Sharkhunter

    You never know, there might be something similar in the future, but it will not be exactly the same.


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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    Congrats, hope you like it as much as I like my Doxas. Look forward to seeing your impressions.
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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    just picked up my first Doxa 1000t today from the post office. perfect for us lil guys.
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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    Here's the wrist shot from earlier in the week when the watch was brand new and fresh out of its tube - no resizing yet, and the plastic was still on it (pardon the fuzziness, I only had my cellphone available):

    Name:  wrist-1.jpg
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    and with enhanced orange dial.

    .Name:  wrist-1-FX.jpg
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    This is Project AWARE 038/092.

    I'm very happy with this watch. The shape is perfect, and the "raised flanges" make it much more comfortable than any other watch this size - when I bend my wrist upward, the sides do not dig into my arm or hand.

    I also like the look of it - it's a beautiful design. I may be old fashioned, but to me most watches from other companies these days no longer look like watches - they look like huge over-stylized dials, post-modern statements of some sort. The Doxa SUB looks and feels like a real watch.

    I also prefer having a domed crystal like this. That's the way diving watches are supposed to be.

    The bracelet is taking some getting used to. When I had only seen the pictures of Doxa SUBS and not held one in my hands, I assumed that the bead-links were real - ie, that the bracelet had two conventional outer links and 5 central inner links.

    But in fact, the bracelet is really three links wide, with the outer face of each center link molded to look as though it's 5 bead-sized links. I was surprised by this, I thought that at the price point this watch has, the bracelet would be similar to Rolex's jubilee and presidential bracelets - with all the links being real. I think that would result in increased comfort and better flexibility; plus I like honesty in my watches. If the bracelet is three links wide, then it should look like it's three links wide. If it's going to look like it's got rice beads, then it should have rice beads.

    Perhaps this design results in a stronger bracelet and that's why it was chosen?

    At any rate, I'm still getting used to the watch, but I think this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.
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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow


    I also just received my first 1000T (Caribbean) and I am in love. I actually find the bracelet to be supremely comfortable - and I believe that the reason DOXA constructs it the way they do is to increase strength. I know that the vintage ricebead bracelets were fairly weak, so it doesn't bother me that they kept the style and added some strengthening properties.

    Anyhow, enjoy!
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    Re: First DOXA arrives tomorrow

    Enjoy, I'm enjoying mine.
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