Fun idea for Super-sub pre-orders

Thread: Fun idea for Super-sub pre-orders

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    Fun idea for Super-sub pre-orders

    Just an idea I was noodling... Doxa should start taking pre-orders now with a non-refundable deposit. Start with a $700 discount if you order now having only seen 3 elements of the watch. As each element is revealed, the price goes up $100.

    Kinda like a "lets make a Doxa Deal".

    Could be a fun way to see who has the cojones to ante up early.

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    Mark, this one damn good idea, but I am afraid that DOXA cannot afford it, unless we go from the retail price .

    With all the great features coming, you are about to the see the greatest DOXA SUB every made.

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    Re: Fun idea for Super-sub pre-orders

    Fun, but without a final price potentially dangerous from the better half once she finds out what you've committed to!! Also depends on whether the returning customer discount applies. Better that than the cojones-in-a-jar discount! I know, I'm a big wuss. But in the end, I know I'll still probably buy one...somehow.

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    Re: Fun idea for Super-sub pre-orders

    I am really enjoying the reveals on this watch. I am very excited about this new one, I think it is a complete winner. But Doxa will have to disclose what the price will be up front before I decide to click the "make payment now" button for a deposit.
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