Glitch with New 1200T Caribbean - Why Does a Brand New Watch Just Stop Running?
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Thread: Glitch with New 1200T Caribbean - Why Does a Brand New Watch Just Stop Running?

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    Glitch with New 1200T Caribbean - Why Does a Brand New Watch Just Stop Running?

    I excitedly preordered a 1200T Caribbean last summer and was super impressed when I received my watch last fall. Gorgeous blue dial, and the authentic BOR bracelet is fabulous. I will not dive with this watch as I consider it to be a collectable, so I had been wearing it only sparingly to the office. So I was really disappointed when I looked at my watch during a meeting in early February and noticed that it had stopped running. After shaking it, manually winding, resetting, etc., to no avail I contacted Doxa Customer Service via email.

    They provided their FedEx account number and covered shipping costs back to Switzerland. The also agreed to expedite this warranty repair as well as regulate the movement at no extra cost. I just received an email this week that my watch was ready to be shipped back to me. Total time without the watch will be about 3 weeks. I consider this to be excellent customer service - THANK YOU DOXA!

    Although I haven't yet received my repaired watch, I'm assuming it will run accurately and reliably for years to come. So my question to Doxa and the WUS community is - how can a brand new ETA2824 or SW200 movement just stop running? Was it not assembled properly to begin with? Can parts just come loose? Mechanically, how can this happen?

    I have owned numerous cheap Seiko automatic dive watches that I do dive with and beat the crap out of, and they NEVER stop running. Could somebody please explain to me how a brand new movement put under no stress whatsoever just stops running?

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    Hi, the watch was examined by the watchmaker and the apparently it took a >2.5 G impact which has dislodged a major part off its location, this rarely happens, but unfortunately it does happen once in 300 pieces if not during usage or during transportation from the factory. Please contact DOXA CS for more details

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    Re: Glitch with New 1200T Caribbean - Why Does a Brand New Watch Just Stop Running?

    2.5 G's isn't really that much considering I'm pulling 1 G sitting here typing on my computer.

    A simple knock into a door frame at the right angle could have done it. That's why it's not advisable to wear a mechanical watch during high impact sports like golf and tennis.

    I'm glad Doxa is taking care of you.
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