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    Question GMT Owners......

    What timezones do you track on your GMT's, and with which hands/dial? (Main dial or movable chapter ring).

    Just curious as when I set mine to wear a couple days ago, I switched up a bit. When I was overseas, it was an easy choice. Local time for the main hands, GMT for the GMT hand (main dial) and home time for the chapter ring (the blackened part helps remind one whether thay are AM or PM, after all, there was an 8 hour time difference there).

    Used to be at home it'd be local time on main hands, GMT on main dial, and either Pacific time (for eBay, and calls to businesses etc. on the West Coast) or local in 24 hour format for the chapter ring.

    My latest I am trying is local for main hands, GMT (as a pilot and world radio buff, it makes sense to me to have at least one always on GMT/UTC/Zulu time) on the movable chapter ring, with the 24/main dial set as local in 24 hour format. Finding this sort of counterintuitive (maybe I/'m just used to it being reversed) but maybe a bit easier to read the outer scale (every hour numbered instead of every other) without my reading glasses.

    So, I just wondered what the rest of you did .
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Mine is set to Taiwan's time, 8 hours ahead of west coast time.
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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Home - East Coast
    GMT hand - West Coast (most of friends not on E coast)
    GMT ring - St Pete, Russia - offshore software developers (work)

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    Re: GMT Owners......


    Main hands: Local time
    GMT/skeleton hands: GMT/UTC
    Chapter ring: Time zone where most of the family lives (14 hour difference). The black segment aids in determining day or night there (Don't want to call mom at 0300!).


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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Main hands - local time
    GMT hand on dial - GMT time
    Rotating ring - whichever time zone I want to monitor (this is convenient since all timezones are described as "GMT +x" so I just adjust according to that)
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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Main Hands - Local Time (CST)
    Skeleton Hand - Bonaire Time (Atlantic Standard Time)
    Inner Bezel - GMT Time
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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Main hands: Local time PST
    GMT/skeleton hands: GMT/UTC
    Chapter ring: EST Time zone

    John M.

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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Main hands: Eastern (home)
    GMT: Central
    outer ring: India standard time
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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Main hands: local (EST/DST or GMT - 4)
    GMT: IRAQ to remind me of the people serving
    outer ring: cosmetically set at orange on the 3 O' clock side, opposite from my avatar. But, I may change this to GMT time
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    Re: GMT Owners......

    Quote Originally Posted by iWatch View Post
    GMT: IRAQ to remind me of the people serving
    I like this idea, might have to change mine.

    Right now:
    Main hands: San Diego, California time.
    GMT: Tarpon Springs, Florida time (family)
    Outer Ring: Not in use at the moment.
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