I finally have a 1000T Sharkie, stunning...

Thread: I finally have a 1000T Sharkie, stunning...

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    Smile I finally have a 1000T Sharkie, stunning...

    Well, finally, after a lllllooooong wait, I finally have it on my wrist (I will try and take photos if I can find the camera). After speedily driving it home after picking it up, I opened the brown box, to see the aluminium tube/dive bottle, and the DVD, first things first, attempt to get the black rubbery plastic cap off the tube, wow, I bet the tube itself is waterproof to 1000m, I cant get it off, the vacuum im creating inside is frustrating, but eventually it pops off, phew, I slide the foam rubber out, and brace myself, is anything in here, will it be the right one, wow, thats nice, and I have to say after 4 years of waiting, slightly smaller than I expected, it takes me a while to get over that, I guess I had been thinking it would be this huge bulky monster of a thing, but its well proportioned, and has the look of superb precision, definately looks expensive, ok, now to get the plastic clear wrapping off, ah I see, its easier than it looks, wow, that bracelet is going to need about 5 links taking off, after remembering about someone else warming the link where the screw thread is, I search for a lighter, and proceed with the task, its easy once the link is warmed in the right place (maybe I shouldnt recommend this method for everyone, im an engineer, so found it easy, disclaimer and all that) so, suitably sized, and it was a guess at best to take 5 links out, I slip it on my wrist for the first time, and it fits perfectly, its looking better than ever, I polish the finger marks off, thats even better, now to set it up, just go ahead and do it??? no lets look at the DVD, wont work, so I try it on the lap top, thats better, date set, time set, easy, and its ticking away at the correct time, and on my wrist, ahhhh, finally, the black face is superb, no real reflection issues, those white hands are superb, and the slightly green tint to the (oh if only I could remember its name, too excited to think) flourescenty stuff, I hold it near a light bulb for 30 secs, then close the curtains (good job the wife is at work....) hey, it really shines out, everything about it shouts quality, I am mighty impressed, thanks DOXA, its more than I could have wished for, the look, the quality, and the weight is impressive, theres just enough weight so you dont fully forget you are wearing it, it looks like it will last a thousand years, and would look as good with a suit as well as a diving suit, lets have a go with the ratchet, nice, precision and direct feeling to it, the logo on the crown is superb, the lettering is crisp, first class, now, lets have a look on the DOXA web site at the 750T Sharkie, I feel a collection coming on.

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    Re: I finally have a 1000T Sharkie, stunning...

    Quote Originally Posted by doxamark View Post
    ... now, lets have a look on the DOXA web site at the 750T Sharkie, I feel a collection coming on.
    Congrats mark!

    Talk about a leap of faith. It amazes me still that a vast majority of Doxa owners buy their first Doxa sight-unseen. Not so amazing is how many owners keep coming back for more.

    Oh yes, nearly forgot...

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    Re: I finally have a 1000T Sharkie, stunning...

    I'm green with envy - I have a Pro & a Sharkhunter on the way. They arrived in the UK on Friday at 6 in the morning & I paid the duty before midday but thanks to Fedex (it's all or nothing with them - they either deliver with amazing speed or screw up all the way) it's still sitting at the airport. Tonight customer services said it would be with before midday tomorrow - fingers crossed!

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