I knew I would love my Doxa, but...

Thread: I knew I would love my Doxa, but...

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    I knew I would love my Doxa, but...

    I didn't know I would love it this much. The way the clasp snaps, the way it hugs my wrist, the way the beads of rice glisten in the rain, when Im watching TV with my arm above my head and I hear the purr of that 2824, when I get compliments on it and they ask what kind it is and I proudly say "Oh this is a Doxa" and their look of disappointment when they have never heard of it, the RARE times (well time) when a fellow Doxa owner and I give each other "that look" that we are in on something they are not, the fact that in the ENTIRE Tourneu Store on 57th St. only one Sales Rep who has sold watches for 40 years not only knows what Doxa is, but pulls you aside to commend you on your selection, the fact that I feel like Im cheating on it when its not on my wrist, and oh, just the fact that it has held near PERFECT time since I got it.

    I can wax poetic on Doxa all day.

    My only gripe is that my others watches are not getting any wrist time...
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    -Doxa SUB 1000T White Sharkhunter LE, Grail #1: 0580/5000
    -TAG Heuer Monza "Heuer" Reissue
    -Shinola Runwell 47 Chronograph
    -Lum-Tec M75 Titanium LE, #84/85
    -Lum-Tec M82 #84/100
    -Geckota C-01 VK64 Chronograph
    -Citizen "Eco-Zilla"
    -Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II Chronograph

    -Tourneu Safari Chronograph
    -Seiko SKX781: The Orange Monster
    -BaliHa'i Ha'i-Q: 041/250

    DFG's (Distant Future Grails):
    Bremont Norton LE
    Omega SpeedMaster Co-Axial GMT Chrono

    "A man can yell, swear, bark, stomp and stare...but if he quietly removes his watch, watch out."

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    Re: I knew I would love my Doxa, but...

    Kinda fun, isn't it!

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    Re: I knew I would love my Doxa, but...

    Good post...I left the Doxa fold for almost two years but have recently returned with a 1200T Pro and 750T Sharkie. The 1200T was too small so off to flipland that went...the 750T hasn't left my wrist. In fact I just picked up three new Natos' so I can mix it up a little! Great watches! Now, where is that 1500T? I need a splash of orange!
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