Perhaps the most frequent comment Andy and I hear from customers is - "I wish I had known it was nearly sold out, I would have bought one!" :oops:

Well, in the interest of not leaving anyone else disapointed, we felt that it was only fair to tell you that the DOXA SUB 750T is very nearly sold out, and about to join the ranks of "de-commissioned" SUBs such as the 300T, the 600T and the 3-register 600T-Graph.

If you have any wish to purchase either the SUB 750T Professional, or the SUB 750T Sharkhunter, now is the time as we are down to "handful" numbers and once they are gone, that is it for these.

NOW - this DOES NOT include the 750T GMT, but if you are after the Professional, or the Sharkhunter 750T - fair warning!


Customer Care