I'll be doing more pics of the 5000T

Thread: I'll be doing more pics of the 5000T

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    I'll be doing more pics of the 5000T


    just to make the waiting even more unbearable for those who ordered the Seaconquerer I'll be doing a bunch more pics tonight of the prototype compared to the 600T, 750T and 1000T. I'll try to highlight differences etc and give a few more thoughts on it.

    My biggest problem with it is wanting to wear it. Yes really. Do I wear it or keep it in a box. It's the only one and I'd hate to bash it. What to do, what to do?

    I'll try to put together a full review but at the minute i'm trying to finish off the book on my dad. I promised my mum I'd have copies done when I go back to Ireland next month and I'm running behind schedule.

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    Re: I'll be doing more pics of the 5000T

    Doc, you're such a tease! You put the word "pics" in the subject, then we open it to find..... no pics!

    Heheh, take your time, your pics are always worth the wait.

    Now, I personally think this GIF is rude, if I could, I'd change the word to "pointless", but, as it seems to sort of apply anyway

    Regards, T Bone.

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