interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

Thread: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

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    interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    Hi everyone, I just saw this comment on the Facebook dive watch group;

    Just saw a Doxa sub 300 with a wrong dial, damaged crown and a few other issues go for over £1200/$1470 on a well know auction site, looks like the affordable legend is going the way of Rolex prices, just goes to show what buyer demand can do to a ETA movement in a historic case/dial combo

    then this reply from Rick

    I have been observing this trend over the past few years, indeed historical pieces are going through the roof no matter what type movement they have, look at the Tudor snowflake from the 70s with an ETA movement, they are now in the $5000 range, and they used to be $300 10 years ago.

    This brought up a topic to my mind that I wanted to discuss with you for a while, since bank interest are at their historical low (zero percent), money is being invested in everything else, from art, vintage cars and watches, and obviously in land and real estate as usual, and sometimes even Gold. While the classic stock market is still attractive for many, it is very risky and one cannot really enjoy stocks or options like they can wear a nice vintage timepiece. Because of this development since 2008, all the interesting timepieces have become unaffordable to many of us, those who used to collect, buy and sell to finance their hobby cannot do this anymore when a Rolex Daytona Paul Newman has climbed to the 100K mark and a decent DOXA T-Graph is now around 6 to 10K and a Heuer Autavia that used to be $500 is now $5000 and more. So whether Rolex, Heuer or DOXA and a few others too, this on one hand is spoiling the hobby because money got heavily involved, yet on the other hand it is good for those who already have a few vintage pieces.

    My advice is to hang on to your vintage pieces, whether from DOXA or any other brand, the key to value is first and foremost, the historical significance, unlike 20 years ago, where only the movement and brand name were influential to the value. Today it is all about historical significance and distinguished design. To those looking in investing in vintage timepieces, originality is the key !, watches with Patina with original unpolished cases, original dials and hands, but with some scratches here and there are the ones to look for. Also box and papers are important.

    IMO, the first SUB300 re-edition and the 600 will soon join, so don't be foolish and sell now ! As a dive watch collector and aficionado, I can go on forever on this topic, so let me know what you think


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    re: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    in 2008 a new Omega Speedmaster costed 2000 euros. :(

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    Re: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    I think it also pairs with the resurgence of "retro" styling. Look at Omega, Tudor, Seiko, et al. They all are re-releasing classic designs and they are selling like hot cakes!! Even our favorite brand (Doxa, for those who haven't had their coffee :) ) released the 300 line and they sold quickly. I think people crave the clean and simple styling of the classic designs. I'm hoping the trend continues for the rest of the Sub line. At this point some of the vintage pieces are going to be out of reach but I'd gladly spend the $ on a newer model that is a re-issue of a vintage piece.

    By the way, the same can be said for cars and other products. People want those classic designs! :)

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    Classics for the win !

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    Re: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    classic & vintage watches are for wear. a lot of moder designs, especially the over sized ones, are for bling. classic & vintage watches are worn because of pride & knowledge.
    modern designs are worn for ego display, imho.

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    Re: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    Completely agree as I was the original poster Miko In a very short space of time most vintage pieces have rocketed and will be out of reach for most of us, my biggest disappointment is a lot of the rare and beautiful pieces are going to investors not enthusiast collectors who do not share their collections via pictures and get together's but leave them in a safe to appreciate more in value.

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    Re: interesting development of vintage watch prices since 2008

    I also saw that Synchron Doxa going for £1200 and was really surprised - fair enough if it was fully functioning etc. however it was in a shocking state.

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