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Thread: Join the movement

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    Join the movement


    Doxa has been delivering fantastic pieces. They are 95% there! Bring back smooth open end links, looped beads, spring pads and folded ratcheting clasps! I will pay more!

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    They have listened to us before. #returntherattle

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    Re: Join the movement

    I am with you! A bracelet tapering down to 16mm would be beautiful!

    (I recently noticed that the links of the SUB 300 50 years anniversary bracelets are less thick than the 1200T bracelet links - making for a more lightweight, more comfortable fit, in my opinion. Those thinner links would be great in a bracelet tapering to 16mm)
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    Re: Join the movement

    Saw this over at the FB group – would agree on the "false" taper with the flared lug end. But how do you do an actual taper on a BoR bracelet?

    Like I mentioned over on the FB post I would rather see a better clasp, one befitting the overall quality of the bracelet and watch (speaking from perspective of 300 50th Anniversary Searambler). And bring back what sounds like a pretty legendary clasp expansion system.

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    Re: Join the movement

    They definitely need a better clasp. The current stamped clasp is way too cheap looking.
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    Re: Join the movement

    I would definitely appreciate a more functional clasp (or more specifically - ratcheting dive extension) but I don't think the Sub 300 LE clasps are "cheap looking".
    The look also suits the style of this watch, although I'm sure both form and function camps can be satisfied by some improvements.

    The Silver Lung being my first Doxa, I was surprised by how "tight" the bracelet is...I was expecting BOR to be more rattly (as mentioned by the OP) and perhaps this is a compromise towards better manufacturing technologies and tighter tolerances as seen in modern Rolex bracelets. Like the OP I think a looped-bead option (possibly with welds to maximise longevity) would be the best of both worlds.

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    Re: Join the movement

    I have been on this forum for a couple of years now, and one thing I have learned is that no matter how you make a watch, you will NEVER be able to satisfy everyone. If you like a watch enough to buy it and use it - then love that watch for what it is. If something disappoints you about it, then sell it and buy something else - maybe a gift for your wife and/or children, or take them on a nice vacation.
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    Re: Join the movement

    I'm down. What do you say Doxa, let's get after it. Not so sure about paying extra, as far as I'm concerned it should have come as standard issue for the 50th anniversary subs.

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    Re: Join the movement

    I'm even for those vintage bracelets that flared from around 22-24mm (ish) millimeters down to the 16mm clasp, much like the current 300 reissues. Having not owned a vintage bracelet, I can't appreciate the rattle so much, but I do like the bit that I get from my current 1200T.

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    Re: Join the movement

    Tapering is simple, its the outer pieces that are tapered, not the BOR, but needs t be 20 to 16, not the oversized one they offer now.

    Re the clasp....well, it's the same inner hinge as my Steinhart which is a 1/4 of the price. Enough said.......
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