Just received my T-Graph Searambler

Thread: Just received my T-Graph Searambler

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    Wink Just received my T-Graph Searambler

    I just recieved my T-Graph Searambler and it is my first DOXA.
    First, it's a wonderfully made fit/finish piece. I LOVE the BOR bracelet, and the whole DOXA case and bezel is awesome...alot of textures and details...loved the brushed and polished mix too.

    BUT.....I'm not totally sold as of yet though...Maybe it's just that I'm used to black dialed watches and the silver is throwing me off a bit...not sure.. That and it's a little thick on my wrist. I'm not a little guy 6' 1" 210, but I've got bony wrists....
    I am contemplating trying to pick up a GMT Sharky instead...still not sure. I really like th GMT Sharky in the videos and pictures I've seen, and it's a bit thinner than the T-Graph, so I assume a little bit lighter too...


    Also, on the T-Graph bracelet, there doesn't seem to be any "fine" adjustment to tighten it up just a tiny bit...am I missing it?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Just received my T-Graph Searambler

    With the T-graph SR being so limited, I'd keep it + it's probably the most beautiful DOXA out there

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    Re: Just received my T-Graph Searambler

    i wear my t-graph on a rubber strap and it works much better for me. and my wrists are 7 1/2".
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    Re: Just received my T-Graph Searambler

    I have the SR TGraph, and admit it's a big, heavy watch.

    I'd recommend wearing it snugger than you're used to with the bracelet, or changing over to the rubber to reduce movement/weight.

    In answer to your question, I have the GMT too, and it wears much slimmer/lighter than the TGraph.


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    Big Congrats! Nothing like starting at the top :)!

    I LOVE my T-Graph It has been chronometer accurate since I received it a couple months ago. I removed a couple links and wear it on the closest in of the three adjustment holes (on the clasp) and it fits my 7" wrist fine. I also wear it on a vintage style square hole rubber strap too. I would give it a little time and if you find it just isn't for you I am sure there are a few people here who wouldn't mind going through the adoption process . Best -Ronbo

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    Re: Just received my T-Graph Searambler

    Post up a few pics if you get a moment...

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