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    Gift Let The Celebrations Begin!


    Dear DOXA friends, fans - and yes you DOXA-HOLICS out there,

    It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the SUB 5000T Seaconqueror is set to begin shipping from Bienne, Switzerland! The SUB 5000T will be dispatched to various destinations around the globe begining some time in the middle of next week.

    So - make sure the battery in your digital camera is charged, put some champagne on ice, and get ready to be amazed!

    We have worked long and hard, and you have waited patiently! We want to do everything that we can to ensure that your Seaconqueror gets to you quickly, and that the process runs smoothly. A few important things to know, and steps you can take to make certain that your Seaconqueror arrives promptly to your door:

    1. To ensure that you do not experience any difficulties which might delay the arrival of your Seaconqueror, we wanted to let you know that we will begin processing the final payments for the pre-orders starting Monday - December 10th. If you are using a "debit" type card please be aware that we will be charging the balance of your payment ($1,000 for returning customers) on Monday or Tuesday. If for any reason your credit card company has a policy regarding international transactions (i.e. you have needed to call your bank or card company to verbally authorize the transaction on previous international or internet purchases) please be aware that we may need your help in authorizing the final payment. We will be here to ensure that this is taken care of quickly to ensure a smooth transaction and a positive experience for you.

    2. Have you moved, deployed, gone fishing? If for any reason there is a change in your address we need to know! TELL US NOW - use the help email to update us. That email address is the word: [email protected] (please remove the "no spam" before you send!)

    Alternatively, you can call us at: (877) 255 - 5017

    3. When your watch ships, we will send you an email, and in the email you will find a tracking number for Federal Express that will help you track your package on the FED EX website. www.fedex.com
    Now I know, just as we all track Santa on the NORAD system on Christmas Eve, you will be tracking your SUB as it makes its journey.

    US CUSTOMERS - IMPORTANT: If for ANY REASON your SUB should hit any "clearance delay" once it arrives in the US, PLEASE - CALL DOXA IMMEDIATELY: (877) 255 - 5017. DO NOT try to get the package released on your own .
    We are the importer of record, we pay the duties, and we will take care of it.
    If a FED EX employee calls you with the information that your SUB is in a clearance delay, please get their name, contact number and call your friendly US based DOXA team (Andy and myself) and we will get right on it. This very seldom happens, but if it should - LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! Let us take care of it so that we can get your SUB to you as soon as possible! We are available from 9:00 - 5:00 EST, and will be available seven (yes 7) days a week up to December 24th.:thanks


    Please send all of your questions to:
    [email protected]
    (Please remove the words "no spam" before you send)
    And please type: "5000T question" in the subject line

    Or call us at (877) 255 - 5017

    Again, thank you for being part of our family at DOXA, and we wish you and all of your friends and families the very best this holiday season, and in the year to come!

    On behalf of Rick, Karin, Andy and myself, and all of the exhausted elves in Bienne - Have a very ORANGE holiday!


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    Re: Let The Celebratons Begin!

    Great News!!

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    Re: Let The Celebratons Begin!

    Nice work Doxa!
    I have too many watches.....

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