Light tent pics!

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    Light tent pics!

    Picked up a light tent at Wal-mart for $50. Sets up in about 2 minutes and then just snap away..............

    I still need some practice but these are OK. I really prefer natural light but not a bad alternative. Just thought I would share.


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    and nice D'star too.


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    Re: Nice


    Very nice. I think those turned out well. I really like that watch!

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    Re: Light tent pics!

    Those look good Scottie! I've found the D'star to be kinda tough to capture photographically. Looking through my own pics, I have at least 3 different colors of yellow on it, depending on where I took the pic!

    This is probably my favorite pic that I took:

    This was taken in a light tent using fluorescent bulbs:

    So was this, but I swear I did not change dials!

    This one's OK, the shade of yellow is somewhere between the other 2:

    This one's not bad, natural lighting and no light box:

    Same with this one. The blurry background was my screen door and the deck and pine trees outside:

    Oh well, I guess I love it no matter what color the dial is.....!


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    Re: Light tent pics!

    Hey Paul

    It's really weird how the yellow changes colour! From memory i think your no.3 pic gives the closest real colour for the 600T dial, almost lemon, the others look darker like the custard yellow on the GMT/750 DS.

    Nice pics anyway!


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