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    Lume it up

    As a person on the fence on buying his first doxa I am trying to figure out how the lume quality is. I hear the 5000's are tops and that makes sense with the amount of lume applied. How do the 1000's rate to you guy's. I know fully excited it's probably nice and bright but what does it look say a few hours later say in the middle of the night when you roll over in your sleep. I know why is a watch on while sleeping. Just habbit I guess. Any way if anyone has some lume shots of there 1000's available for viewing I would appreciate it to help push me over the edge (not sure if the wifey will). Once again to all the dedicated DOX-A-HOLICS :thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Lume it up

    I've owned 750T's and 5000T's and both have excellent lume. The 5000T lume is among the best I've ever seen. Thick C3 SL.
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    Re: Lume it up

    I can only compare the 1000T lume to the 750T Searambler. IMHO the indices are almost identical in performance and size. One of Doxa's goals when they designed the 1000T was to remedy some of the shortcomings of the 600T and try to make the 1000 as close to vintage as possible. So with the 1000 you have a watch which is very close to vintage with the improved features(bezel, crown, lume,bracelet) of the 750 series. Add 1000 meter depth rating and you have quite a watch. Oh! I almost forgot, the 1000 has a tad more lume on the minute hand than the 750s.

    As to your question about the Performance of the Lume through the night. My very subjective opinion is that after the initial charge, they maintain a level comparable to Tritium tubes for about four hours. Like all SL they fade. Hey!! Even my Orange Monster fades. Anyhow, this is not by any means a scientific review and is only my opinion, but I hope it helps.

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    Re: Lume it up

    As requested. No photo tricks just a mag lite charge and shoot:

    Will last all night long to a certain degree. In other words easily read 9hrs after charge. 1000t is definately way above avg.

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    Re: Lume it up

    with the PO ...

    - David

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