A message from our friends at Project AWARE

Thread: A message from our friends at Project AWARE

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    A message from our friends at Project AWARE

    April 2010 News for AWARE Divers and Water Enthusiasts

    DIVE For Earth Day:


    The International Year of Biodiversity and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day coincide this year. So, why not volunteer on Dive for Earth Day for coral monitoring programs, underwater cleanups or even an AWARE Kids project near you?

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    Re: A message from our friends at Project AWARE

    Mine is today 4/25/2010 at FT Adams In Newport, Rhode Island You can find details here WWW.giantstridediveshop.com

    "The Best Dives Start With A Giant Stride"
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    Doxa Sub 250T Sharkhunter
    Doxa Sub 300 Sharkhunter
    Doxa Sub 300 U.S. Divers “Blacklung”
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    Doxa Sub 300T U.S..Divers Searambler
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