My 1200T spotted in the wild :)
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Thread: My 1200T spotted in the wild :)

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    My 1200T spotted in the wild :)

    Well, not the wild so much as a recent Christmas party I attended. My wife works for a local jeweler and I walked into the party the other day, wearing my 1200T. The goldsmith there immediately spotted it and said, "Hey is that a Doxa??" We chatted for a bit and he disclosed he bought one a few years back as part of an estate sale...for $200 :O He said he had it serviced and uses it as his beach watch on a rubber strap. Hoping to catch up with him one day and do a couple of pics of the two side by side. :)

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    Re: My 1200T spotted in the wild :)

    When I wore mine at Tiffany's the sales guy came up to me. 'Is that a Doxa.'

    I thought to myself, this guy is alright.

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    Re: My 1200T spotted in the wild :)

    Last Sunday I met my sister for lunch. She's never commented on any watch I have owned that I can recall. But during lunch she reached over and tapped my Doxa 1200 (in the required-by-international-law orange color), and asked if that was an Apple watch. Not kidding. Now, I know what you might be thinking, but she's a doctor - the MD kind. Go figure.

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