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    My Doxa 600T Pro

    If I regaled all with this tale, bear with me. I bought the watch a year and a half to two years or so ago and loved it. Best orange in the world. Most comfortable. Then had some issue, subsequently taken care of with professionaism all around. And I love the watch. It's size and its beads of rice bracelet make it about my most comfortable watch I own.

    But as is the case so many times, I traded it for a new love of my life and life was still good. But over time I missed the watch. It had gotten me to get Dr Pete's book, for which he still owes me a beer but i will get u\p there one day, and I wanted it back. Not any, mine! Luck was with me and a fellow forumer, thanks Caesarmascetti, who had the watch wanted to reverse the trade. DONE DEED. Both are happy campers. This time it is a keeper. but I finally took the beads bracelet off to protect it and was suprized that the end link was not solid. Maybe to be historically accurate but not a deal breakerr for me.

    So I wanted a different look. This was a reissue of a classic diver so on went a NATO. Damn looks good.

    So sorry if this is old news but the NATO is new news and I love it.


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    Re: My Doxa 600T Pro

    The hollow end link on my 600T Sharkhunter looks and feels just about the same as the solid end link on my 750T Pro. There is something special about the 600T for me - great domed crystal, good size, very vintage feel.
    Doxa 750T Pro, Bernhardt Globemaster, MKII Stingray 50

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    Re: My Doxa 600T Pro

    I love the 600T Pro. Its my favorite Doxa and watch. Unfortunately after over five years of daily wear, it quit. One day I will get it fixed. Enjoy yours, they are great watches.
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    Re: My Doxa 600T Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by domino View Post
    The hollow end link on my 600T Sharkhunter looks and feels just about the same as the solid end link on my 750T Pro. There is something special about the 600T for me - great domed crystal, good size, very vintage feel.

    I agree i all points. 100% for the 600series.
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    Re: My Doxa 600T Pro

    Agreed! The 600T was my first SUB (that I kept), and after several others, it remains the one that I most often reach for in the morning. I did need to have it cleaned this spring (started running slow) but it has otherwise been trouble-free, even suffering daily abuse in the workplace, home and garage for over 5 yrs in addition to several diving trips. This weekend it got a little sun for a change on Lake Winnebegosh:

    best regards, Gavin

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    Re: My Doxa 600T Pro

    THE 600T Pro and Divingstar I have were snaffled by the wife years ago..... be very afraid if your wife says.. "could you resize the bracelet to see how the watch looks on my wrist"

    I occasionally wear them by opening the divers extension. I love the size and low profile of it. Reminds me of the SUB 300 (non T) and I even kinda like the domed crystal. The other bonus about it is that it is rarer than people think because it never completed it projected production run.

    Many people say that all Doxa watches look the same but the 600T, 750T and 1000T are in reality very unique watches.


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