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    My Doxa Pocket Watch

    Hello, is there any kind person who will help me to identify this watch?
    I would like to know
    A year of manufacture

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    Re: My Doxa Pocket Watch


    The Doxa Locle on the winding wheel referes to Le Locle Switzerland, where Doxa was founded in 1889. I am not knowledgeable enough to identify the model or date, but judging from the deco-ish design of the bail and engraving on the back, it appears to be post WWI; sometime in 1920's or 1930's. The nickel chrome inside the case back and lack of adornment on the movement indicate that it's one of the less costly models of that era. The more expensive ones would have silver or gold cases and decorative engraving on the movement. You can search google for "Doxa antimagnetique pocket watch" and find examples for sale. In additon, there is a "antique vintage Doxa military style pocket watch" currently on eBay that was likely produced in the same period.

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