My dream DOXA or the new "SUPER SUB"

View Poll Results: Future SUPER SUB Features to choose from

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  • higher luminousity

    120 48.00%
  • higher depth rating

    26 10.40%
  • higher grade movement (e.g. 2892)

    122 48.80%
  • ratcheting dive extension built in the clasp

    71 28.40%
  • HRV

    88 35.20%
  • SUB750T case dimensions but thicker case

    93 37.20%
  • SUB 1000T case dimensions but thicker case

    47 18.80%
  • thicker and modern looking bracelet

    83 33.20%
  • screws for attaching the bracelet to the case (instead of the springbars)

    134 53.60%
Multiple Choice Poll.

Thread: My dream DOXA or the new "SUPER SUB"

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    My dream DOXA or the new "SUPER SUB"

    Dear friends and forum members, if we were to dream of the ultimate DOXA SUB, what would be your choice from the following improvements?. We will use your feedback to evaluate a new project for 2008. I summarized the feedback that we received since the first SUB300T re-edition was released in 2001 in the this poll and I am looking forward to hear your feedback.

    Please participate

    Thank you


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    Added by DOXA S.A.
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    I noticed a lot of interest in this poll, and a bunch of nice ideas appeared. I will leave this poll online for a few weeks, then I will present you with the results, and what is within the capabilities of DOXA to incorporate in a future SUPER DOXA SUB.

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    the 750 at 45mm is perfect, but would be even cooler with the Synchron case thickness!!!
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    Re: My dream DOXA

    Quote Originally Posted by fachiro1 View Post
    the 750 at 45mm is perfect, but would be even cooler with the Synchron case thickness!!!

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    I like the 1000T case size, but would like a thicker case vice the thick case back that is on the 1000T. All else is good to go...

    Ohh, and a helium release valve would be nice. Bring back the Conquistador!
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    Re: My dream DOXA

    For me anyway as a newbie, the size of the 1000T is perfect, although it would be nice if the dial was slightly bigger. Obviously this might compromise the size of the bezel slightly.
    My dream doxa is the T-graph design....hint hint
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    Re: My dream DOXA

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Make a Reissue Synchron. Make it with a HRV, make it the size of the 750T, but thicker, like the vintage synchrons.

    Make it with the Synchron Logo on the dial, "by Synchron" on the caseback, and The Synchron Logo on the Clasp. Make the Bracelet gradually get wider as it approaches the case, just like the vintage bracelet.

    I guess just remake this watch, but make it as large in diameter as the 750T and give it an HRV........ (Thick is better)

    Best Regards,

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    I did not vote as my "Dream Doxa" does not require any of the options "Dream Doxa" is constructed out of titanium.

    A titanium Sharkhunter...

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    Drat, I voted not realizing the poll was multiple choice! Worse, I didn't see it was from Rick!

    An HRV is a must, purely from a historical standpoint. Doxa premiered it, and now everyone except Doxa has one. I know, not needed by about 99.999% of the buyers (including me) but hey, it's a Doxa thing! (I also realize very few early Doxa's had them, look at the what? two? Known to exist now?).

    A thicker case would be my next request, in either (both?) sizes.

    I think the evidence is empirical from complaints when switching from the 600T to the 750T, and then from the 750T to the 1000T, that there is a market and desire to see both sizes produced. Sooner or later, Doxa may decide to make "regular production models", instead of the constant limited ones? If so, I think one of each would be a good choice.

    Last, the modernization of things. The modern bracelet might be nice, and the screwed bracelet. But these are major changes, and are getting away from the "retro" personality of the reissue SUB's. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It is inevitable that Doxa will make a modernized version of the SUB. I feel these features might best be reserved for such an occasion.
    (But perhaps drilled lugs instead of screwed?).

    A big date might be nice for those of us with aging eyes. Not in the poll, but just a thought.

    I have to say I really don't understand everyone's fascination with more, and more, and more lume. IMHO, the current lume is fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    A 750T case diameter but thicker case, with a domed crystal, oh, and yeah, larger date!:thanks

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    Re: My dream DOXA

    how about a sub eight days with small second:

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