Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

Thread: Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

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    Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

    I am thinking of adding a Doxa to my collection. I am a watch wearer, not a watch collector so I want a good looking watch, that is also comfortable, and usable. I like the looks of the 750T GMT Caribbean and also like its feature set. I would like to hear the good and the bad about this watch and the brand. You all know it best..... I would also be up for any other recommendations if you are so inclined. I wear large watches, the smallest I own is a 40mm Rolex... the rest are 42 and up (to 45).

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to posting pictures if this does happen!

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    Re: Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

    I think the 750 size would be good for you. Nice and large, but not too big for most wrists. The 1000 is a bit smaller, with a dial about the size of a Rolex sub. All of the 750T GMTs are nice pieces. I'm partial to the Divingstar version, but that's just me. Let us know what you decide.
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    Re: Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

    Caribbean queen is a great watch...I wear it occasionally, just to keep the bezel in mint condition...accurate and comfy watch with superb lume.
    Same size as my 300T which is my daily wearer...but the lume on 750 is a lot better.
    Doxas are great watches... :)

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    Re: Need Help and Advice - Doxa Newbie

    The ETA 2893(non COSC) movement is regulated in 5 positions and mine (like most I've heard about) performs at COSC spec. The GMT design is superb, allowing you to keep track of 3 timezones easily. The bracelet(which perfectly balances the watch head) is on par with the Breitling Pro II and one of the most comfortable there is IMHO. The only reason I've had for putting mine on straps is for a different look, so far I've found nothing to beat the GMT Bracelet for comfort. In fact I'm such a fan of the GMT bracelet that I bought one for my 750T Searambler. Like Dukerules I'm a big fan of Divingstar Yellow so I don't have any pics of Caribbean Blue.

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