Well let me say I am new to Doxa's and I have a few comments I would like to share. 1st let me say this board is fantastic, the advice in here would take years to obtain. I grew up dirt poor and grew up by the Manasquan River in NJ. I allways loved watching the divers on the river or inlet, and remember very well the famous US Divers gear and loved to watch JC on TV. Due to my dads poor health I never had the the time or money to learn to dive. Well now I work underwater, and also part time in a dive shop as a tech and I am working on my DM. This has all started my love of the dive watch, I have quite a few some vintage and some new, but one day on Ebay I came across a Doxa with the US divers logo as I was doing a "US Divers" search becuase I love the brand. Once I saw the Doxa I knew that's what I needed :) so I found this board and the Doxa web site, and the rest is history. My 1st was a Sharkie 750 from ebay LINB and my next was 750 LINB Orange dial. My advice is from a diver's view point, if you can allways buy new, this way no problem with the seals, if not make sure you get a watch with a good history and ask ton's of question's, if you dive with it make sure you allways check the crown before and after a dive, I have had my Sharkie unscrew on me and thank God it was ok, ( by the way my Doxa is the only watch that has ever done that), never wear it in a pool if you could see what the chemicals due to the reg's I work on, no hot tub's, showers, or anything that can damage the orings. Allways get a pressure test every year if diving,If you are gonna do something that may nick the watch just put it in a safe spot until you are done ( I do this all the time at the shop:) think of it as you can hand this watch down to your kids and if you keep it in great shape they can get a crazy price for it on Ebay when your gone :). I love the vintage watches but I must say the new Doxa's are awesome and they do have a vintage look to them, so I would go for a new one 1st and save for a vintage (and don't dive with a vintage) and now after sitting back and looking at the two I think Orange should allways be a 1st, I have really grown to love my Doxa's sometimes I just sit and watch it and every now and then listen to the movement, and I truly think no picture can ever do a Doxa justice they bring out so much more when they are on a wrist. This company has really done what no other could they brought the best of both worlds together (vintage & modern) in something that is truly a work of art, every day I am just amazed that I have something that looks so vintage and can stand up to just about anything the diving world can throw at it and preform 100%. In closing I must say THANK_YOU DOXA, your Sub 750 T Pro has really brought back the best memories of my lifetime as a child with the dreams I had of someday becoming a scuba diver. Thanks Ed