A new favorite in my eyes.

Thread: A new favorite in my eyes.

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    A new favorite in my eyes.

    I thought the 800Ti Sharkie was a beauty and I wore it daily until I received the 800Ti Pro on Friday. Oh, how fickle I am. I've only taken the Pro off long enough to photo it.

    This is quintessential orange. The dial is just perfect. The black bars , which I've been unable to adequately photo yet, next to the tubes are raised and glossy and appear as black tubes. This coupled with a deep orange dial, which is quite a different color than my 5000T Pro, creates an absolutely cool dial.

    It sounds strange, but the Pro dial in orange is less flashy than the black Sharkie dials with the white bars surrounding the tubes.

    If I had to pick one of the recent Pro models, and I've had them all 300T re-issue-5000T, to represent Doxa's tradition and innovation in one package, the 800Ti Pro is it.

    And now, back to my quest to re-acquire a 5000T Sharkie as that is the Sharkie to have in my book

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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    Congratulations mate.

    I love the look of the orange dial with the black markers & hands


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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    Gotta love orange! That's a great looking pair there, I'd have a tough time taking either off to wear the other .
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    Beautiful shot of two great watches Mr. Boots!!

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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    Nice pair, Mr. Boots! Retirement is treating you nicely!


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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    That Pro is growing on me more and more! Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: A new favorite in my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing. your post helped me with my decision on the 800 pro.

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