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    Off Wrist Position to Lose Time

    What is the best way to position my 1200T, when its off my wrist, to lose time? It's currently running about +18 per day and I would like to compensate this during the night. The watch is less than a week old and I assume it will settle down a bit.


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    Re: Off Wrist Position to Lose Time

    Dial up usually helps a watch gain a few seconds over the night, but other brands vary if you want to slow it down. For example, a Seiko will gain in the crown down position, but a Rolex will lose. I put my 43 years old Doxa in the crown right position overnight and she stops altogether. Hmmmmm, time for a service!

    Experiment and see what works for you.

    I hope this helps!

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    Re: Off Wrist Position to Lose Time

    I think crown down slows, but I agree with Nanuq, experiment around with several different positions and see what you get.

    Good luck
    Best Regards,

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    Settle down?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sal16610 View Post
    The watch is less than a week old and I assume it will settle down a bit.
    I've never understood the "settling down" theory. Doesn't a watch company adjust the watch to be accurate during final quality assurance checks? I can't imagine they'd ship out a watch that was running +18 and call it good, unless they told the buyer that it should settle into an accurate range after X days or weeks.

    I understand that watches change their characteristics after being worn, but mine (DOXAs included) have always arrived running pretty accurately.

    +18 seems a bit high and you might want to have it adjusted.

    Please note, this is not a commentary about DOXA but rather a question I've long had about settling down. My DOXAs have been some of the most accurate watches I've had.

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