Ordered the new 5000T today!

Thread: Ordered the new 5000T today!

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    Ordered the new 5000T today!

    I'm really looking forward to the Super Sub!

    Sadly, I'm parting with my 1000T Professional (sold it today) and my awesome Sub 750T Caribbean (Going to the auction block). I just can't justify keeping so many watches but the Super Sub will, I think, be THE ONE to keep.

    A BIG thanks to Doxa and all of the folks who provided input for this latest addition to the Doxa stable! This is a LOT of watch for the returning customer price and will have a good home next to my other keepers!

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    Re: Ordered the new 5000T today!

    I agree about the value of the Super Sub. Especially when compared to the new COSC line.
    They are very close at retail.
    I really like the new COSC line but also just ordered the 5000T Sharkhunter.
    Unfortunately I don't really care about the COSC certification so can't justify the purchase. That may change though. Did I say that I really like them?
    On the upside, all of the Doxas that I have owned have performed to COSC specs anyway. .....Just a bonus I guess.


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