OT: Trip to Curacao or Bonaire in October

Thread: OT: Trip to Curacao or Bonaire in October

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    OT: Trip to Curacao or Bonaire in October

    Since most of the Divers on WUS reside in the DOXA Forum, I'm hoping someone has some information so I may plan a family friendly trip.

    I should have my Rescue card by the end of the month and hope to lay down the newly minted card on this trip in October. However, my wife does not dive and we will have our son (will be 5 months old then) in tow.

    Given that most of the Caribbean will be awash in the rainy season, there are only limited places to choose from. I narrowed the search to Curacao and Bonaire.

    As a diver, I much prefer what Bonaire has to offer from the reviews I've read here and scuba boards. However, it doesn't seem to offer much of anything else for my wife and baby. So I am leaning toward Curacao since it seems to have a bit more things to do.

    Anyone here been to both? Does Curacao more variety than Bonaire? Can anyone dispel my thoughts about Bonaire in terms of "other" things to do?


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    Re: OT: Trip to Curacao or Bonaire in October

    I agree with you. Since your wife is not a diver, Curacao will have more shopping/stuff to do for her. I have been to both, and a person can shore-dive on both locations. There is a person that occasionally posts here that actually lives on Curacao. They might be able to give you the ins/outs of staying on Curacao.
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