Please help identifying this old Doxa

Thread: Please help identifying this old Doxa

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    Please help identifying this old Doxa

    Dear gents of the Forum,

    I recently came by this magnificent Doxa (part of a heirloom), and I'm about to have it renovated. I was curious whether anyone can tell me something about the era/line of it?
    The closest I came is that it bears a resemblance to the WWII era military lines, however it's slightly different.
    It has an (I think) brass dial with black finishing, brass arms, but they're a little tarnished from the time in a box, and it's plexi glass is also a little yellowed (this may be an aftermarket piece on it, I'm considering having a glass one cut for it)

    Does anyone have any info that he could share?
    Thanks in advance;


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    Re: Please help identifying this old Doxa


    As you mention it does look WWII era probably German Army, does it have a number on the case back starting with an R

    Regards. Chris... If you give me a serial number I can date it for you

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