Quartz Doxa vintage Sub 600

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    Quartz Doxa vintage Sub 600

    Have just picked up this Vintage Doxa, unable to load any photo's at the moment
    has box and instructions, ordinal BOR bracelet, black dial, with date, large minute hand, black outer bezel
    date at 4 o clock, guess it's 70's, running well.
    anyone have any info


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    Re: Quartz Doxa vintage Sub 600

    Sweet buy! Congrats! I have seen similar quartz models before, and these are rare birds. Looking forward to some pics.

    These are Aubry era DOXAs, meaning they hail from the early 80s. Check out the Review thread by Dr. Pete Millar at the top of the DOXA forum's main page, he's got all sorts of wonderful info on all the DOXA models.

    Welcome to vintage 600T ownership!
    Omar Montaño

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