Reissue Sub300T Overhaul
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Thread: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

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    Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    My Reissue finally gave up the ghost and quit running recently. It's had quite the past, stolen at the TSA checkpoint at Dallas Love field in 2009 and recovered unharmed by the Kentucky State Police in 2015. Having it out of my hands for 6 years made me a bit reluctant to send it off for overhaul and I found a great local watchmaker here in Houston to do a restore for me. After a good cleaning, polish job that got all but a couple of deep scratches out of the bezel, and a new mainspring she is back in business. They really dialed it in as it has held time within a few seconds for 4 days straight! Number 444 is alive and well!

    A little history on her at:

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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    Glad your story has a happy ending. Enjoy!

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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    Great story and beautiful watch. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    Awesome TSA. Had a wonderful time in Guam last year. They took my two high dollar pool cues but let me keep my fishing pole...go figure. I was able to fly in with the stuff just not out. Nothing I could do or miss my my flights back to the states. They knew they had me by the short hairs

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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul


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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    Very impressive! Glad you were able to get it back. It's beautiful, love that case.

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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    That would of been hard to send that one away, i remember all the hassle and then great reunion you posted...
    Looks great mate..

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    Re: Reissue Sub300T Overhaul

    Congratulations on getting your watch back and fixed. I must have missed the posts where you got it back. I remember when you had it stolen. I wish I had never traded off my re-issue 300T Pro that I pre-ordered from Doxa back in 2002 and got to pick my number. Mine was #267

    I wish I could find someone around here that I trusted to fix my 600T Pro as it no longer will stay running.
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