The Seaconqueror is massively growing on me, may I can ask for a Searambler Version...

Thread: The Seaconqueror is massively growing on me, may I can ask for a Searambler Version...

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    Cool The Seaconqueror is massively growing on me, may I can ask for a Searambler Version...

    Wow, I was away for some hours yesterday and the Forum explodes.
    I was quite surprized seing the SuperSub already released and soo many new Threads.

    Well I was a bit skeptical when I saw the detail only pics during the last days without having the possibility to see them all together as a whole watch.
    I guess the SuperSub is starting to grow on me even with all these differences and changes to the vintage/common style.

    The bracelet, case, bezel and the way the HRV is integrated in the side is definetly the way I hoped for it and leaves no whishes open.
    OK maybe a slightly smaller case size as the 1000T would have pleased me more but when is a DOXAHOLIC really pleased ?

    From the pic where Pete compares the 5000T side by side with the 750T I must say the proportions harmonize perfectly especially the slightly smaller and deeper spaced dial is a perfect case/Dial size ratio.
    The bracelet design is really cool and a real step forward. Maybe I would satinize everything polished on my own watch, hopefully I wont get lynched by the diehard purist Doxaholics

    The chromed markers and hands are still a bit new and as stated before blingy for me but from different angles they sometimes look a bit like light grey or matte silver and I guess these will grow on me.
    Of course it would be much easier for me if Doxa decides to make a Searambler Version with black chromed indices and hands.(VINATGE INFLUENCED DOXAHOLICS need some time for changes)

    Now the centered "Superocean" uuuuuuuuuuupppppppppssssssssss I mean "Seaconqueror"script is something together with the centered Doxa automatic, really new which changes the look totally from vintage to mmmmmh "modern", I guess just different is maybe the correct term.
    Do I love it ? that´s maybe a too strong word but I guess I like it, it´s a new style and without small steps away from the classic product we might never come to the point of a modern NUMA SUB watch.
    What I find a bit confusing is the 5000T script. Is it really meters or is it feet.

    As orange is not my first choice of color and I am maybe more a Searambler or Sharkhunter guy I hope Doxa solves this Dilema for me in the not too far future and produces the medicine a DOXAHOLIC needs to cure the pain

    Ok that where a DOXAHOLICS twocents on the release of the SUPER SUP and I hope Doxa can help me out with a


    Regards Bernie

    P.S. A orange Seaconqueror Script on the silver Dial might look perfect and harmonizes wonderful with the orange numbers on the bezel -just a thought.
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