The Searambler T-Graph has arrived

Thread: The Searambler T-Graph has arrived

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    The Searambler T-Graph has arrived

    Well it's here and I am over the moon with this watch. It's far better in the flesh than it looks in the pictures' and thats saying something !

    Initial impressions - I like the flat crystal, I am used to the domed crystal of the 5000T and I like the change this gives. The case is a little thicker than the 5000T but the case back looks (to me) a little thinner. The bracelet also has a lighter feel to wearing it than the 5000T and again, I like it. The face colour is wonderfull and seems to change given different light of it's surroundings.

    My only slight beef with the watch is the chronograph. When running the chronograph, the large second had seems to stutter at random intervals rather than sweeping smoothly round as I was expecting. Is ths normal or does the watch just require a little time to run in ?

    I will get my camera out tonight and post up some pics.

    Regards, Derek

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    Re: The Searambler T-Graph has arrived

    I was just noticing the little stutter last night. It runs smooth for 2 seconds and then kinda skips on the 3rd. Anyway, small issue. This watch is beautiful.
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    Re: The Searambler T-Graph has arrived

    Congrats, the Searambler T-Graph is one of the best Doxa models made to date. Enjoy the watch...

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