The Shark family grows

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    The Shark family grows

    Well, after 1 day with the vintage Shark 300T, the Mil Sharky arrived yesterday by stealth post.
    I am very happy with my choice - for such a big watch it is so comfortable and just "right" on the wrist (7.5" BTW).
    Will post pics of the school of Sharks when I get back from the weekend away - bunch of mates and their families; we're all turning 40 about now.BBQ, brews, wine and kids...and my Sharks.

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    Re: The Shark family grows

    Good for you!! Have a good weekend with family/friends and we will see you back after the weekend. Let us know what they all think of the Sharks...........
    Best Regards,

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    Re: The Shark family grows


    Congratulations! Speaking of "Shark" sightings, I'm currently in Mt. Pleasant, SC and saw a small bull shark in knee deep water (on Sullivan's Island) yesterday. This was just a day after 2 shark attacks on the beach of Isle of Palms, a few miles north. I've been coming here all my life, and that's the first time I've been that close to one. Hopefully, the next one I see will be of the DOXA variety!!

    I hope you and Jason enjoy your weekend adventures!

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