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    Should I buy a Doxa..

    I have been wearing Rolex, JLC, Oris, and others for some time...
    But something about Doxa and Sinn appeals to me compared to the bigger brands...

    I was thinking about getting a panerai... Convince me otherwise..

    Movement, Quality, random good stuff about doxa watches..

    Thank You

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    You can always buy a used one on the forums and flip it. This way, you get to experience it yourself first hand.

    I love the styling. Very unique.
    Sunny Khatkhate

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    well you have some big brands there.
    I just got my first Doxa yesterday and so far I'm really happy with it.
    All my watches besides the doxa are between $200 and $600 and I must say the Doxa was well worth it.
    Some people say you can get a better watch for the price of a new Doxa. I probably agree with that comparing with few other watches, but the thing is that Doxa is really unique.
    If you are already asking if you should get a Doxa, Then you should get a doxa. Trust me! The bug is always gonna be there till you get one and try it out.
    Here's my thread of the 1200t I just got:

    There's one on the sales forum. (GGD is selling his)
    Like sunnykk said if you don't like it you can always flip it. Their value doesn't drop as much as other watches.
    I would say go for it. They are unique and well worth the try. If you don't like it flip it and get a Sinn. Or you could always trade for one.
    *Seiko skx-007; *Seiko BM; *Orient CFT00004B; *Doxa sub 1200t DWL; *Zodiac ZO7008; *G-Shock DW-5600MS

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    Optically the watch is very unique. You will not find another watch like the Sub. The 'Tonneau'-shaped case in combination with the quartered orange dial stands really alone in the today's world of dive watches. I'm totally satisfied with the quality of my 600T and 750T. The readability is very good even under bad conditions.

    The movement of most Subs is the standard ETA2824 which normally causes no problems and can be serviced/repaired through every skilled local watchmaker.

    From time to time pre-used Subs pop up in online auctions (ebay) so getting one for a fair price is quite easy. If you don't like it resell it the same way. No problem.

    For smaller wrists I would recommend: 600T, 1000T, 1200T
    For bigger wrists or people who like big watches: 750T, 800T, 5000T
    Choose the dial colour you like: Orange, black, silver, ((yellow))

    Go for it and test it
    Best Regards
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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    To answer the OP's question: Yes!, I will as well...Please be patient 5000T Sharkhunter, I'll welcome you home soon.

    When I first got turned on to watch-collecting...or as my wife likes to call watch-hoarding , I only knew about Rolex, Oris, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and the other usual suspects. It's not until I stumbled onto this site that I was made aware of the vast array of "boutique/independent" brands. I'm an individualist like the next guy here, and DOXA represents a brand I'm not likely to see anywhere in my city or state...this is the appeal for me along with it's beautiful elegant design. It took me a while to build a lust for it, but now it's become my 3rd and final grail watch...

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    Why ? Because its a DOXA that's why

    Think of the history and heritage crammed into all Doxa's watches along with an amazing wrist presence

    You can even buy real vintage subs at reealistic prices if you fancy a gently aged model
    Too many watches

    Ohhhh and a Doxa Sub Conquistador !!!!!!

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch...HE decides what time it is.

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    I say you should buy a DOXA watch right away because tomorrow, God forbid, you can get run over by a bus and never experienced what a DOXA felt like... and that's all I have to say about that.

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    Re: Should I buy a Doxa..

    I might be a little biased but yes buy a Doxa!!
    John M.

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