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    SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    I have the Professional nom mil 1000T, realy like it.
    As I want a black watch I am realy falling for the shark mil. Living abroad I cannot see the watch in person. Is it possible to some friend that actually have it post some real pictures.
    Searched for that pics but only "ad" ones came, I am not really shure how is the "metal black" (not dial) somtimes it aperas matte, others glossy...

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    Re: SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    Can't help you with a 1000t, but here is my 750T. I is just a bit more glossy than matte to my eye, but not in a bad way.

    My 07 LM-2 GMT PVD is pretty matte, the 750T not as much. I have several PVD watches and the DOXA PVD seems to be very well done and has help up quite well. While all normal Doxas get hairline scratches on the mirored bezel, this has NO hairlines.

    For comparison...

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    Re: SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    Hey Broker,

    Here a few pics of a 1000 Mil I sold a few months ago. Just found it a little small as I still have my 750T Mil. Good luck


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    Re: SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    I only have a couple of shots left as I flipped mine a while back. Moment of stupidity, I guess.

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    Re: SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    Thanks everyone!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Boots View Post
    That's a hell of a pic...

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    Re: SUB 1000T Sharkhunter Military

    I love my 750T Mil-Shark. I consider selling/trading it now and again, but it really is a cool watch. I've been wearing it for the last two weeks...a record for me.
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