SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

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    SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    Guys, this is about as quick and dirty as it gets. No lighting, just flash, on auto mode. I just wanted to show people how the 5000T compared on a wrist (6.75 inches) with a couple of other Doxas and a Sea-Dweller and Seamaster.

    Hope you find then informative.


    SUB 1000T

    SUB 750T

    Vintage 300T




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    Re: SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    I find these pics very helpgul. Thanks Pete!

    I was all hyped up for the 5000T and really expected to buy one, but as soon as I saw your pics with the 5000T next to my beloved T-Graph pro, the desire to own the 5000T went out like a light. I lik ethe 5000T but just can't justify buying one when I already own the best looking Doxa ever made... in my opinion of course

    Thanks for your diligence with all the pics and reviews Pete, you are Doxa's greatest asset.


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    Re: SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    I would like to echo Mark's thanks and gratitude. Not having the opportunity to view one in person, I do appreciate the efforts you've gone to for us.

    I especially appreciate the comparisons to the 1000T.


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    Re: SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    Great shots Pete even if they are quick and dirty as you say .... But damn Pete try and set the time the same on the watches ... I was sooooo confused. hahahahaha :thanks
    John M.

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    Re: SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    I just want a version of the 5000 bracelet for my 750Ts (Professional and Caribbean).
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    Re: SUB 5000T Wrist Shot Comparison Pics

    nice pics. it gives me a good idea how my vintage sharkie compares size wise and my sea dweller. the 5000 looks big, how does it wear compared to the other doxas?

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