T-graph owners info needed...

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    T-graph owners info needed...

    I have owned many Omega and Breitling chronogrpahs. How does
    the Doxa T-graph compare to these models. I am really considering
    the purchase of the Sharkhunter T-graph. Any scans and info would
    be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance
    jgalli[email protected]

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    Re: T-graph owners info needed...

    I second that.

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    Re: T-graph owners info needed...

    I have both an Omega & Breitling. I have a SUB 600 T-GRAPH Professional and it looks better in person. Beautiful watch and get a lot of compliments on it. I personally prefer the Orange dial. Good Luck.

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    Re: T-graph owners info needed...

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    Laughing Re: T-graph owners info needed...

    I Have own Breitlings (ChronoOcean, SuperAvenger, Aviastar, 5 Chronomats) Never own Omega's Only Vintage's Constellations and i could say that the T-Graph 600 is the best looking of all, best aesthetics, and the case and band are robust. I must say that the SuperAvenger is larger 48mm but the Doxa T-Graph is heavier (45mm). The dial configuration is more appealing and interesting and i believe is the only orange color configuration that mix yellow/white/black colors for depth scales on the market. You cant go wrong with this one!

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    Re: T-graph owners info needed...

    I've looked at all the chronographs you mentioned. None of them appealed to me until I saw a Doxa T-Graph. So I bought it. Then I got a Sharkhunter TG when they were issued. I'm extremely happy with both.


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    Re: T-graph owners info needed...

    Can't go wrong in my opinion, the build quality is excellent.

    My Breitlings have the edge on build.... but they are also twice the price!

    The T-Graphs are amongst my favourite watches
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