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    T-Graph Pro

    Now that all the T-Graphs are gone, what do you think the resale value of one is going to be?? Not that I would sell mine... I love the watch... There is just something about it... Just curious
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    Re: T-Graph Pro


    I recall early sales. Saw some go as low as 1500/1600. Some around 1700. Still kicking myself for not picking one of those up! Came so close, so many times! (Even clicked the "buy it now" listing on eBay once, only to discover it had been pulled while I was researching the seller!).

    I'd guess the resale is now in the low 2 thousand dollar range, but it may rise more yet. Afterall, wasn't the last list price on them $3500? Naturally, it is worth whatever someone will pay (at least to them). Keep an eye out for sales (less often lately) and that will tell the market .
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    Re: T-Graph Pro

    The last two on ebay ended with one selling for $2480 and the other with a knick in the case sold for $2150. I would think the market for a well maintained T Graph Pro is still $25-$2600. A sharky T Graph should fetch $2800 IMO.
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    Re: T-Graph Pro

    Glad to see prices are trending up.

    I broke out my T-Graph Pro this week for the first time. The verdict is still out for me on this watch. I've love chronographs, but compared to the GMT and the standard 750T, this thing feels massive. You definitely get used to it, but my preference is leaning towards the others. Still haven't decided whether this is a long term keeper or not, so we'll see where prices go and whether I'll keep it.

    I should add that this is the first Doxa that I've worn with the bracelet. I wasn't a big fan of the bracelet initially, choosing the strap instead, but I'm coming around.
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    Re: T-Graph Pro

    This is the last one I found on the bay.
    Please take into account that the seller has little fedback.



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    Re: T-Graph Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by Malyel View Post
    I think the current value for a mint pro is around $2500-$2700.
    I sold my T-Graph Pro this past weekend. I had thought a good condition used model should sell for $2500-$2700 so I listed mine for $2600. The watch sold after roughly 7 hours for my asking price. Before someone emailed saying they would take it for my asking price I received one $2200 offer, one $2400 offer and two folks interested in possible trades + cash. With how fast the watch sold I think i might have actually underestimated the current resale value of the Pro.

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    Re: T-Graph Pro

    This is a very interesting question. Right now, the T-Graphs are hard to come by and are commanding right around where Doxa priced them. Unless Doxa puts out another Chronograph before the end of the Customer discount, everyone will be paying $3500 New. I would say that it is only a couple months down the road until Flawless T-Graphs will get $3000+

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    personally I don't think they will go up that much

    I think Doxa will release a new T-Graph based on the 1000T case and that should keep the current ones from skyrocketing. Don't get me wrong, if my Sharky T-Graph vaults in price I will be very happy, but surprised. Of course, I was wrong once before, it might happen again.


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