Hi all, long time no post. I'm one of the early Doxaholics, having owned probably 10-15 Doxas over the years. After all of them, the one that stood out was my Doxa T-Graph Pro 3 register. I wear this watch regularly and it still is a favorite of mine, and for those who remember me, and my buying and selling habits, that means alot. Lol

Sadly before Christmas, the pusher fell off. Luckily I was over a hardwood floor and heard it hit the floor, otherwise it would not have been noticed and likely lost. I emailed Doxa customer service and received a very nice response right away. Great! They said they would need to send the watch back to Switzerland for assessment and repair and they would send through an RMA to get the process started so it could be shipped in the new year. I never received the RMA and after following up twice by email, still have not received any further response or RMA.

So my question is two-fold. One, Doxa, if you read this, can you please get my repair back on track as I really miss wearing this watch and it has great sentimental value to me.

Two, if anyone has had a similar experience with the pusher falling off, can you let me know (by PM) what your experience and cost was like, as I am a bit nervous about the cost of this repair, and Doxa can not estimate it without sending it to Doxa SA.

Thanks in advance!