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  • T-Graph Searambler

    15 51.72%
  • T-Graph Caribbbean

    9 31.03%
  • T-Graph Professional

    2 6.90%
  • T-Graph Sharkhunter

    3 10.34%

Thread: T-Graph Searambler Poll

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    T-Graph Searambler Poll

    In an earlier post, Rick seemed to indicate that demand for the non-chrono Searambler was "soft". I for one, would be very interested in a T-Graph Searambler. This would be my 1st choice in a T-Graph, with the Caribbean being my next choice.

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    Re: T-Graph Searambler Poll

    Hmm.... this was sort of already covered in this thread.


    Searambler T Graph got 34 votes (so far ).

    But good look to the 'Rambler fans. I definitely think Doxa should produce the Searambler in at least a limited capacity of some type, along with the Pro, Sharkie and Divingstar (and the "new school" Caribbean). It's a classic in it's own right anyway!
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    Re: T-Graph Searambler Poll

    Is this poll to select which one you would buy? It's not very clear. I've ordered a shark

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