Take Heed All Doxahalics
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Thread: Take Heed All Doxahalics

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    Take Heed All Doxahalics

    Some day my young sons will take possesion of my Doxas. When that day comes I will have either died in the line of duty( a noble death) or, hopefully of old age. I inherited my first Doxa,and my first Rolex when my Dad died. I never wore a watch till my father died. For the last 9 years every time I check the time, I think of my dead father. This is a good thing. I always carry him with me. I have recently aquired 2 new Doxas. My wife,whose father is also dead, does not understand my attachment to my watches. I loved my Dad dearly and know some day my 2 boys will wear my watches. My ould man certified over 7000 divers to dive and I can't think of a better way to remember him than to wear a watch that he once wore.Reading the Flying Docs review of the expandable bracelet really brought up some old memories ( I use to pull and tug at it to his protestations). My Da has only been gone for nine years. I think of him every time I check the time. So to all you Doxaholics, I would say; you are not only wearing a watch, but someday your children maybe wearing a remembrance of you.Whenever someone asks me about my Doxa, I always say that I have one because my Da had one. Sorry for venting, but to all of you reading this, you are wearing an heirloom, if you are lucky, your heir will think as fondly of you as I do my Da. RdeM.
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    Re: Take Heed All Doxahalics

    Great sentiments, thank you for sharing.

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